VSAG Dive Day Costs
Tue, 15 Jan 2008 11:24 PM


The VSAG Committee has found it necessary to review the the current member contribution to dive boat costs on VSAG Dive Days.

The new contribution will be $40.00 per diver, per dive day for local diving.

The contribution towards the ramp fees of $2 per diver, has been adjusted for the boats of Mick Jeacle, Peter Briggs and John Lawler and will not apply. These boat ramp fees have been funded by the club.

These are the main members' boats participating in the majority of VSAG dives.

The new contribution level is as a result of decreasing fuel and oil prices.

The VSAG Committee has the discretion to adjust the dive boat contribution in response to the level of fuel prices and this is reviewed periodically.

Please ensure you have the correct funds and make your contribution promptly after each dive day is concluded.

Single tank dives, trips away and day trips from remote locations are charged at rates commensurate with the time and distance involved in getting the boat to the dive location.

Note: It is important that divers bring the correct dive boat contribution money on the day. Boat owners have to prepare the boat for the trip home and the last thing they need is to be chasing up contributions and then having to change notes and coins. Boat owners are not bankers, thus divers without the correct money may be asked to find change to pay the correct contribution.

Thank You.
VSAG Committee.

Content received from: Victorian Sub-Aqua Group (VSAG), http://www.vsag.org.au