Phillip Island Dive Report - Sunday 21-Jun-2009
Sun, 21 Jun 2009 12:22 PM

Posted by DavidG

Northerlies blowing for the past two weeks set this up for a great day on the water, though for a while it looked like Plan B may have been called for when JL could not tilt or start his motor. However some accurate diagnosis resulted in a less than 'terminal' outcome for the boat and the three club boats set off as planned.

JL's crew consisted of John, Deb (checkout dive) and Alan. Mick had Takae, Ken and Grrr. Greg, Emma and Adam were with me. Not a bad turnout for the shortest day of the year!

What a day! The smooth conditions allowed a fast transit to the George Kermode and last week's 'reconnasaince' dive meant the GPS was spot on. The conditions were so good Mick and I decided to anchor so all on board could dive at the same time. JL was saving himself for a cray dive so Alan, Deb and John left him as our surface back up. On returning to the boat they christened JL's new ladder. Hopefully that's the end of pulling Lloyd's massive 15L tank and weightbelt into the boat...

The only time I have dived this wreck was last weekend so I can't comment on how it has deteriorated. What I did enjoy was the extensive penetrations this wreck allows. GR and I had checked it out externally last week while I had my first serious dry suit dive. Now I was ready to explore internally with the comfort of dry and warm feet etc. (I'm hooked on my new dry suit). The wreck dellivered on the promises from last week, the water inside was clear and calm, allowing repeated penetrations of several sections of the vessel. There were schools of fish to add to the experience. The wreck is only at 20 odd metres so bottom time is quite good. There were 11 of us down for the dive but with some inside and some outside it was not crowded.

Back on the surface most had hot dogs for lunch, along with various deserts etc. Competition is hotting up in the culinary stakes...

Afrer lunch we headed back towards the Pinnacle area and then into Alan's 'secret' cray area that now lives on at least two new GPS's. On my boat Adam and I saw a few, but caught none. Greg saw quite a few but also came back empty handed. Maybe next time...

After recovering the boats we headed off to the San Remo Hotel for a short debrief, enjoyed by all.

There were some who would prefer a slightly later start than 9am so perhaps we should look at starting at 9:30am during winter.

There were definite benefits in having all the divers down together rather than in shifts, so if there are any members who don't want to dive during winter but are happy to drive boats and enjoy good company then please let us know. There will be days where having a driver on board will make a huge improvement to the day.

Thanks to all for making this a very successful and safe day. Particular thanks to GRRR for doing much of the planning and to Ken for sending his photos around to the crews.

Another great day diving with VSAG.

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