The Pinnacles and The George Kermode
Sat, 27 Jun 2009 10:44 AM

Posted by Shadow

I'm sure Ken will post some pictures out soon about today, but seriously, this has to be on of the best days out diving in living memory. Calm seas, no swell, clear water and dives to die for!!!

The Pinnacles off Cape Woolamai gave us ( depending on who you listen to!!) visability of between 25-33m, we finally agreed on 25metres, millions of fish , soft corals to drool over and no swell or current to speak of. We had the anchor smack on the Pinnacle and you could see the boats up the anchor rope at 25m depth.-Considering ther angle of the rope this made the boats up to 40m away!!!!- draughtboard sharks, massing Barber Perch and even the odd cray. Minimum 10 out of 10.

Some then dived the George Kermode, and some Cape Woolamai, all in clear calm water. All raved about their dives. Those of us that dived at Cape woolamai could not only see the bottom in 14 metres, but we could see the sand ripples in the sand patches between reefs!!!

At the De- brief conducted with decorum and dignity at the San Remo Hotel in front of the Coonarra one of us summed it all up by saying that today was the "best ever and anybody who didn't dive today missed something really special..." You just don't get days like this very often, sensational indeed!

Was it really 10 out of 10?? As spinal tap would say
" This one goes to 11 !!"

Very Happy

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