The Presidents Yearly Report 2010
Wed, 29 Sep 2010 07:42 AM

Posted by Shadow

VSAG: Presidents Annual Report 2010

Another great year has passed for VSAG. Firstly the sinking of the Canberra, plus the “Sinking” Ball, numerous social events, a photo competition, many well attended local dives as well as Long weekends and the Annual Overseas trip.

Socially, we had a great year with the highlight being the 70 plus turnout for the Christmas Party at Deb Georges Mt Martha shed. We had good numbers turn up for Lawn Bowls, Xmas In July, Imax nite, Mentone Bakery and a tour of the Maritime Museum. Many thanks, to John Lawler for organizing most of the above.

On the membership front we had several new members join and we welcome them to the club and it was good to see them on a few dives and joining in the weekends away as well. Overall membership numbers remain strong.

On the subject of weekends away we had our usual suspects again this year. The Queens Birthday at Boarfish was well supported except by the weather gods. Cape Jaffa on the March Long Weekend was a roaring success. The Prom at both Easter and the Cup Weekend were blessed with mostly good diving weather and had large numbers of divers turn up. We had over 35 campsites at Easter and the first day of diving saw over 20 divers taken out. The first ever, annual Kilcunda Anzac weekend although dogged by appalling weather, still managed to get a few hardy souls wet.

The club ran a very successful overseas trip to Fiji during winter and more recently we had 12 members out on the MV Venus 11 diving the southern Great Barrier Reef.

The backbone of our club is the common as mud garden variety “Day Dives”. This year we have had the best roll up of divers in the last 5 years. Over summer and Xmas in particular it was not uncommon to see 18-22 VSAG divers milling around the shotlines from up to 5 boats. When the weather was good, which was often, we had no trouble filling boats and even had to twist the odd boat owners arm occasionally, to meet demand.

Our meetings this year continued to offer a guest speaker more often than not and the standard again was high. These topics ranged from Diving with Whale Sharks, The Port Phillip Pilots, Fiji Shark diving, Safety in Diving, Predicting the weather and Diving the Deep Wrecks of Victoria. We even had a session on Hard Hat diving.

The club couldn’t exist without our boat owners assistance. A big thank you goes out to Mick Jeacle, John Lawler, John Gladding, David Geekie, Peter Briggs, Andy Mastrowicz and more recently David Kelly. Without these guys commitment we wouldn’t be the strong vibrant club we are today.

Lastly, I want to thank the entire committee for organizing all the events, dives, raffles, social nites, magazines, trips away and keeping the club financial and functioning. I won’t single any one out, just to say, they do all the work, I just get to run the meetings. Without them it just wouldn’t happen. Thanks guys for a great year!

Greg Richards.

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