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Victorian Sub-Aqua Group (VSAG): Dive Days

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Summer 2011-2012 Diving Update:
Dive Days This summer has produced some excellent diving conditions. With most of the club hanging around town for the 2 week holiday season, we managed to get boats out quite a few times with over 30 different members joining in the action.

As has been the case over Christmas in recent years the best visability for the year has been over the holiday period. Average viz has been 20m with a couple of exceptional dives getting 30m!!! Who needs Truk Lagoon or Cairns when you can dive wrecks in Bass Strait smothered in fish in water that clear.

The club has dives planned every weekend (weather dependant) right through until June. Members recieve emails every week advising them of the plans and the forthcoming dives are announced in the "Fathoms" Magazine.

On the exotic dive trip side of things we have a Heron Island trip planned for July, a trip to Tasmania on the Queens Birthday weekend and an Overseas trip to The Phillipines as well. Come to the next meeting for details and availability.

Cool The Shadow

Posted by Shadow on Thu, 09 Feb 2012 01:25 PM (1667 reads)
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Spring 2011 Diving with VSAG
Dive Days Winter has ended with a bang!

The last 5 weeks have seen flat seas, clear water, great diving and numerous sightings of Whales.

Dives have been held at both Phillip Island and around the Lonsdale outer reefs each week. With Spring starting we have a strong program of weekly dives scheduled and available to members via our club Magazine "Fathoms" Non members wishing to join in just contact one of the committee for details.

Our AGM is being held on Thursday 15th September and the includes the awarding of the much coveted Fathoms Literary Award, Club member of the year as well as the not so coveted Wooden weightbelt award. All members in attendance will get free finger food. Without doubt the biggest night of the year!

This years Melbourne Cup weekend will be held at Inverloch at a private house. Members will get emails early in Spring advising them of the details.

Posted by Shadow on Fri, 26 Aug 2011 11:14 AM (1999 reads)
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Winter Diving with VSAG 2011- Update
Dive Days Its been a fairly ordinary start to winter, but on the last day of July we got a pearler of a day.

Several members went out from Queenscliff and a couple from Barwon Heads onto millpond conditions and 18C air temps.

Dives were successful onto the Lost Reef (35m) The Milora (40) and Neighbour Reef off Barwon heads (21m). Viz was in the order of 10-12m and the water a cool 11C.

The Queenscliff crews also got some amazing sightings of Humpback whales, that came up towards the boats and stuck around for over an hour. Awesome stuff![b]

Posted by Shadow on Tue, 02 Aug 2011 07:55 AM (1923 reads)
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Christmas New Year Diving 2010-11
Dive Days We have several boats available during the 2 weeks of Xmas till Sunday, 9th Jan 2011.

Anybody wanting to dive in and around Melbourne the main point of contact will be John Lawler. He can be contacted on 0414 922 916.

The main club organised trip has divers going over to Beachport in SA for Xmas. This trip is now full, however anyone interested in meeting up with us should contact Alan Storen on 0417 017 446

The New Zealand Trip to dive the Poor Knights and the Bay of Islands is on from the 26th Feb- 8th March and has one spot left- contact Greg Richards now if you want to come.

Posted by Shadow on Sat, 11 Dec 2010 01:03 PM (2115 reads)
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Weekend Diving - 23-Jan-2010
Dive Days The planned dive on the Canberra for Saturday 23rd January 2010 was cancelled due to strong weather forecasts... also for the same reason the whole day was cancelled... the BOM report was right as the winds howled for most of the day... one yacht sank aftefr a colision in the bay!

The dive is now scheduled for Monday 25th January 2010. We have 3 boats and one back up so if you wish to dive the HMAS Canberra please book in with John Lawler.

Depart Sorrento top boat bay at 8.45AM... the dive slot for HMAS Canberra is 10 to 12.

Another dive will be had and we will decide on that on the day.


Posted by BUBBLEDIVER on Sat, 23 Jan 2010 12:31 PM (2514 reads)
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November diving magic in Melbourne
Dive Days Saturday looked to have beautiful conditions for boat diving so Peter Briggs fulfilled his role as DC and we eventually organised 2 boats out of Sorrento (MVs Lawler and Gladding). There were not enough divers to fill a third boat so JL agreed to pick me up at Queenscliff on the way to the heads.

The weather on the day was even bettter than we had hoped, the rip was brilliantly calm and we powered out to 'Lost Reef'. We dropped the shot on an east facing wall in around 30 - 37m. JL and I thought the vis on the bottom was quite good at around 10m and we followed the reef towards the coast, returning to the shot for the ascent. There was no surge on the bottom, a relief after recent diving I have done.

On the surface we were buzzed by some dolphins and a seal, these stayed around while we were stripping off our gear.

The Storens and Adam then dropped down the shot line and powered off along the reef, ascending independent of the shot.

After a bite to eat we headed into the 'Bommies' near Castle Rock and found some interesting reef at betwen 12 and 14m. This was once again a very calm dive with lots to see, including 6 crays. The vis was good and the water temperature at 16C more than acceptable.

The weather had remained excellent with no swell or chop at all. All enjoyed a great day's diving - so good in fact that before I had driven home Greg Richards had arranged some diving for Sunday.

Sunday. Mick Jeacle came out of Sorrento and I launched from Queenscliff with Mick K and Christine who blessed us by being prepared to mind the boat while we dived.
Mick Jeacle led us out to the Coogee where I had a second drop of the shot line to ensure we were on the wreck. On descending we found the shot was in the middle of the wreck, between the boilers and the prow. The conditions on the way out had been very sloppy, indicating we could have some surge on the bottom, but it was dead calm down below and the vis was around 15m. It was my best dive on the Coogee to date, we swam past the boilers to the stern where the fish life was amazing, then back past the shot line to the bow. With time running out we headed back to the shot line and up.

Our intention was to see if we could dive the outside Nepean Wall, but decided we would be better to head inside while with the tide, given the size of the swells we were experiencing. Once inside we went to the 'Caves' part of the wall and dropped the shot on the edge of the wall. When Dive Vic came and dropped their shot 10m away we figured we were in the right spot.

Mick and I dropped in and found ourselves in a fantastic section of the wall, with good canyons and a large swim through cave. We avoided the temptation of going too deep to max out our bottom time but once the curent turned we headed back to the shot. I definitiely heard Mick sob when I pointed out my computer was telling me we were headed for deco if we didn't ascend. Our faithful driver had the boat positioned next to the shot so we had an easy recovery, a good effort with boat loads of divers out of charter boats all around us.

The clouds had moved away, we were in full sunshine and the wind had dropped. A great way to finish a weekend's diving.

The water conditions are looking great for this coming diving season. The water is warming up rapidly, the swells are impacting less on the bottom and the vis is improving. It is time to dust off the gear and give it ago!

Posted by DavidG on Wed, 18 Nov 2009 10:46 AM (2093 reads)
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Port Phillip Bay Diving Sat 1 August
Dive Days No scheduled VSAG dives this coming weekend. Probably too many sore heads expected from 'Christmas in July'.

If anyone is interested in an informal dive on Saturday, give me a call on 0404 069 572. It will be a shore dive somewhere mutually convenient, unless someone with a boat wants to join in.

Not sure about the weather on Saturday but BoM site has weather calming as the week progresses (through Thursday).


Posted by Troubadour on Mon, 27 Jul 2009 06:09 AM (1405 reads)
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The Pinnacles and The George Kermode
Dive Days I'm sure Ken will post some pictures out soon about today, but seriously, this has to be on of the best days out diving in living memory. Calm seas, no swell, clear water and dives to die for!!!

The Pinnacles off Cape Woolamai gave us ( depending on who you listen to!!) visability of between 25-33m, we finally agreed on 25metres, millions of fish , soft corals to drool over and no swell or current to speak of. We had the anchor smack on the Pinnacle and you could see the boats up the anchor rope at 25m depth.-Considering ther angle of the rope this made the boats up to 40m away!!!!- draughtboard sharks, massing Barber Perch and even the odd cray. Minimum 10 out of 10.

Some then dived the George Kermode, and some Cape Woolamai, all in clear calm water. All raved about their dives. Those of us that dived at Cape woolamai could not only see the bottom in 14 metres, but we could see the sand ripples in the sand patches between reefs!!!

At the De- brief conducted with decorum and dignity at the San Remo Hotel in front of the Coonarra one of us summed it all up by saying that today was the "best ever and anybody who didn't dive today missed something really special..." You just don't get days like this very often, sensational indeed!

Was it really 10 out of 10?? As spinal tap would say
" This one goes to 11 !!"

Very Happy

Posted by Shadow on Sat, 27 Jun 2009 10:44 AM (1912 reads)
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Phillip Island Dive Report - Sunday 21-Jun-2009
Dive Days Northerlies blowing for the past two weeks set this up for a great day on the water, though for a while it looked like Plan B may have been called for when JL could not tilt or start his motor. However some accurate diagnosis resulted in a less than 'terminal' outcome for the boat and the three club boats set off as planned.

JL's crew consisted of John, Deb (checkout dive) and Alan. Mick had Takae, Ken and Grrr. Greg, Emma and Adam were with me. Not a bad turnout for the shortest day of the year!

What a day! The smooth conditions allowed a fast transit to the George Kermode and last week's 'reconnasaince' dive meant the GPS was spot on. The conditions were so good Mick and I decided to anchor so all on board could dive at the same time. JL was saving himself for a cray dive so Alan, Deb and John left him as our surface back up. On returning to the boat they christened JL's new ladder. Hopefully that's the end of pulling Lloyd's massive 15L tank and weightbelt into the boat...

The only time I have dived this wreck was last weekend so I can't comment on how it has deteriorated. What I did enjoy was the extensive penetrations this wreck allows. GR and I had checked it out externally last week while I had my first serious dry suit dive. Now I was ready to explore internally with the comfort of dry and warm feet etc. (I'm hooked on my new dry suit). The wreck dellivered on the promises from last week, the water inside was clear and calm, allowing repeated penetrations of several sections of the vessel. There were schools of fish to add to the experience. The wreck is only at 20 odd metres so bottom time is quite good. There were 11 of us down for the dive but with some inside and some outside it was not crowded.

Back on the surface most had hot dogs for lunch, along with various deserts etc. Competition is hotting up in the culinary stakes...

Afrer lunch we headed back towards the Pinnacle area and then into Alan's 'secret' cray area that now lives on at least two new GPS's. On my boat Adam and I saw a few, but caught none. Greg saw quite a few but also came back empty handed. Maybe next time...

After recovering the boats we headed off to the San Remo Hotel for a short debrief, enjoyed by all.

There were some who would prefer a slightly later start than 9am so perhaps we should look at starting at 9:30am during winter.

There were definite benefits in having all the divers down together rather than in shifts, so if there are any members who don't want to dive during winter but are happy to drive boats and enjoy good company then please let us know. There will be days where having a driver on board will make a huge improvement to the day.

Thanks to all for making this a very successful and safe day. Particular thanks to GRRR for doing much of the planning and to Ken for sending his photos around to the crews.

Another great day diving with VSAG.

Posted by DavidG on Sun, 21 Jun 2009 12:22 PM (1691 reads)
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Sun 14-Jun-09 - Rye Scallop Dive and South Channel Fort
Dive Days The dive plan for Sunday, 14th June 2009 is as follows:

Location: Rye Scallop Dive and South Channel Fort
Dive Captain: Lloyd Borrett
Phone: 0418 170 044
Meeting Point: Rye Boat Ramp
Time: 9:30 a.m.

John Lawler's boat is available, though John won't be diving.

Those booked in to dive include:
Bridey Leggatt
Lloyd Borrett

Plan is to do a scallop drift dive somewhere off Rye, followed by a slack water dive at South Channel Fort.

Bring your fishing licence.

Posted by lloyd_borrett on Wed, 10 Jun 2009 11:17 PM (2031 reads)
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